Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shutter priority practice

I have been practicing taking shots using shutter priority mode to get the blurry effect of moving objects. I took this photo (this was the last out of about 50 different shots) with a 15 second exposure and thought it came out fairly well, then I did a little cropping and voila!

The original shot in its unedited form is:

I needed a dark background for the running water to contrast against, there was a facecloth nearby so I used that. The settings used were:
Nikon D7000
Shutter priority
Shutter speed 15s
Aperture f36
ISO 100
Metering Matrix
Focal length 75mm
Focus mode Manual
AF Area mode Single
Shutter actuation Remote

Let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas or tips on how I can improve, thanks.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Close up D7000

Some closeups.

I was well impressed with the detail captured. I also took a few of these tress in Putney close to where I live.

Camera Nikon D7000 ISO 100, vaious settings 18mm-105mm Nikkor.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Nikon D7000 is here!

At last the wait is over, after months of research, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, articles and comparisons I finally settled on the D7000 and picked it up the other day. Unpacking the camera was a treat and after the obligatory inaugural shots, I settled into read the manual. Wow, a LOT of information and to be honest, intimidating. But that's half the adventure, I won't bore with manual only to say it is a must read and not just once either. I aim to read at least 3+ times, there is so much and I am a believer in knowing as much as you can about whatever it is you are embarking on.

So first shots? This weekend is the 158th Oxford-Cambridge boatrace, #theboatrace so I headed down to the river this afternoon as it's on my doorstep. First impressions, this camera feels really solid, good to hold and controls fall easy to hand. I took the following pics.

1 f/8 1/250s ISO 100 auto (no flash)
2 f/7.1 1/400s ISO 100 shutter priority
3 f/8 1/640s ISO 100 shutter priority
4 f/10s 1/250 ISO 100 auto (no flash)

These are just a few of many, my fave is the 3 boats, their names came out really cleanly. Let me know what you think and any tips are always appreciated.

Until next time...